Financial and private data leaked after a cyber attack at CITYCOMP

The affected companies include the names of Oracle, Airbus, Toshiba, Volkswagen, and other giants of industries. CITYCOMP declares that they became a victim of a "targeted" cyber attack in early April 2019. Cybercriminals have hacked CITYCOMP to steal financial data of dozens of companies.

In a press release issued this week, CITYCOMP announced they became a victim of a targeted cyber attack in early. The hackers involved had stolen a massive amount of customer data.

Although the attackers’ identities are unknown yet. Seems like the cyber attack was executed for the purpose to get sensitive financial and personal data. The hackers had tried to force CITYCOMP to pay a ransom in return for the customers' data. In case, the company fails to pay the ransom, hackers threatened to expose all the data online.


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