RATtrap Internet Security Firewall

RATtrap Internet Security Firewall Smart firewall

Smart firewalls

RATtrap uses a combination of on-device logic, machine learning based anomaly detection, cyber threat intelligence data feeds and a global threat sensor network to identify and block malicious traffic. RATtrap actively monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic and makes real-time decisions how to protect your network.

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By examination of incoming and outgoing traffic's headers and metadata, RATtrap identifying cyber threats and deactivating them. RATtrap devices receive malicious activities intelligence data from the IoT Defense cloud and always keeps you protected from the latest possible threats. RATtrap’s protection was proven by the real botnet attacks targeting connected IoT devices. All devices protected by smart firewall were completely functional and safe.

True Plug'n Play Smart Firewall

Setting up RATtrap is a user friendly. Connect device to your broadband modem and your WiFi Router and that’s it. From now your home network in safe and protected. There are no additional configurations or network setup changes required. Even more - any additional changes on any device or software is needed. You can use mobile app or the RATtrap's web dashboard to get details on cyber threats, malware or hacking attempts blocked. You can monitor and learn about the health of your home or small business network.

Universal Protection for all IoT Devices

Unlike antiviruses which just protects the devices where it is installed, RATtrap secures all the devices connected to the network. No matter how - wired or wireless. RATtrap's protection not slowing down your network and not flooding it with additional traffic. It protects continuously and improves protection through automatic updates to make you safe even from the latest cyber threats. RATtrap shouldd be connected in front of your home router and protect it from attacks as well.

RATtrap Unique Web Browsing Protection

RATtrap makes your web browsing safe and private by hiding the websites you visit in your home from any eyes, including your ISP, using state of the art encryption. Additionally, it keeps you safe from sites that serve malicious content.

Real-time Cyber Threat Notifications

Using the RATtrap web dashboard and mobile apps you can receive real-time alerts about blocked cyber threats, viruses, malware or hacking attempts. You can check your usage stats, traffic health and devices on your home network without being overwhelmed with unnecessary technical details.

Customizable Ad Blocking

RATtrap have possibility to blocks any ads on all devices running a browser. No matter what kind of device it is: PCs, Macs, smart phones, tablets, smart TVs etc. You will experience dramatic increase in web browsing speeds and stay safe from malware infections.

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