P2P cyberthreats on millions of IoT gadgets

Deep analysis by cybersecurity researchers has shown multiple cyber threats on millions of IoT gadgets and devices such as video surveillance cameras, smart bulbs, smart TV's, and etc. According to researchers, the flaws were found in a software program called iLnkP2P which powers numerous IoT gadgets and devices.

iLnkP2P is designed to allow users quickly and easily access them remotely from anywhere. Customer simply downloads a mobile app, scans a barcode or enter the six-digit ID stamped onto the bottom of the device, and the P2P software handles the rest.

  • IoT devices with iLnkP2P installed had no authentication or encryption. That allows attackers to have a direct connection with these devices. HiChip, one of Chinese IoT producer identified for half of the vulnerable gadgets.
  • IoT devices could also be enumerated with their IDs. It's providing attackers unique alphabetic prefixes brought out by the device manufacturers.
  • Over two million devices and gadgets across the world contains this P2P vulnerability.
  • Proof-of-concept (PoC) attack could steal passwords from these vulnerable devices and cybercriminals can easily exploit those devices to steal your sensitive personal information.


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