d.moat Connected Home Cybersecurity Solution

d.moat Connected Home Cybersecurity Solution Smart firewall

Smart firewalls

Fortify your connected home defenses with d.moat. If a device connects to the Internet, it's vulnerable to cyberattacks that can lead to loss of privacy, identity theft, and even financial loss. Secure all the connected devices with d.moat.

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Cybersecurity and Screen Time Innovations

Raising kids in modern digital times has many risks. d.moat privacy defense provides protection against cyber threats upraising for kids of the digital era. Simple to use parental control functionality of cybersecurity solution lets parents control what children can access on the web and how much screen time they can have daily.

d.moat allows you to restrict access to specific websites, enjoy family time without the internet and any devices. d.moat assure you the peace of mind that your children are protected against any cyber threats and risks.

Active Scanning of Cyber Threats

d.moat network security device continuously scans all your connected IoT devices and analyzes your network activities to identify any vulnerabilities, threats, malfunctions or hacking attempts. It will alert you if any behavioral or environmental threats are detected.

d.moat Continuously Monitors your Network

d.moat cybersecurity device continuously monitors your home or small business network. This cybersecurity device can protect computers, tablets, smart TVs, gaming consoles, smart thermostats, ringer bells, video surveillance cameras and any other devices connected to your protected network.

Identify and Protect the Threats for your Smart Home

d.moat scans all your connected IoT devices to find open, unprotected ports, default passwords, cybersecurity malfunctions, and other vulnerabilities that could be used by cybercriminals. If any issue is detected, d.moat alerts you and suggests how to fix each vulnerability. That is the only way to secure all kinds of IoT devices.

Block Intruders and Suspicious Activities

d.moat cybersecurity device empower you to identify and to block any device or suspicious communication protocol. You can use it to block any unwanted devices from connecting to your network and keep your network secure.

iOS and Android and Smart Speakers Support

d.moat’s mobile app supports iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Android phones, and tablets, offering wide possibilities to configure real-time identified risks' notifications. Using d.moat with Alexa or Google Assistant you can ask about security alerts, top active devices, number of connected devices, top active devices, WiFi quality, and more.

Take control over your IoT and smart home network

d.moat provides access control, possibilities to setup parental and screen time controls. This feature allows you to block or limit access to the internet for any device. You can specify the timing for each device.

Easy setup for home or small business network

Plug and play mode: Set up d.moat in minutes and enjoy a comprehensive network security solution for your home or small business.

Advanced mode: Designed for network security professionals, the advanced mode offers a range of advanced features for greater protection and control.

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