Airbnb user accounts hacked

Airbnb users are complaining that their accounts have been hacked and used for making bookings, that cost them thousands of dollars. Customers also stated they have been locked out of their accounts, without possibility to reset their passwords.

Some of the accounts have been completely deleted, including all user's reputation history, which is important when you searching for the property to rent.

Your next steps if you're on Airbnb

First of all - check for any suspicious bookings or cancelations of previous bookings.
If you have found something suspicious immediately report it to Airbnb.
Reset your password across multiple accounts they may be corrupted.


Keep your passwords safe and do not expose them on the network. Do not use free WiFi's or use VPN a virtual private network to hide your IP address and to encrypt all your traffic.

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  • Stacy


    Jun 25, 2019

    No way. Again. I had a story with them when I traveled to San Francisco.

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