Industry is Not Prepared for the IIoT Attacks

Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are the most important parts for a business way to Industry 4 and it's not cyber secure enough. More than 7 billion IoT devices are up and running by now. The expected growth is more 20 billion devices by 2025. These figures do not include phones, tablets or laptops. The journey just began, and nobody knows where the limit is.

Huge cybersecurity complications are expected. The most predictable is the rise of large DDoS botnets able to attack from hundreds of thousands of affected IoT devices. According to the data gathered in April 2019, direct cyber-attacks against IIoT have already started, and DDoS botnets are not a primary concern to security teams.

80% percent of organizations experienced a cyber-attack against their IoT over the last 12 months. The highest attacks rate was indicated in the UK. Japan had a relatively low 60% attacks rate. Within the industry verticals examined, 82% of healthcare organizations, 79% of manufacturing and production organizations, and 77% of connected transport organizations have experienced an attack.

The average cost of an IIoT cybersecurity incident has been relatively low in cyber breach terms - $330,602. It is highest in connected transport and lowest in manufacturing and production.

IoT becomes more deeply embedded in manufacturing, especially in the operational side and the cost of a serious attack could increase dramatically in the closest future. When the version of WannaCry got into the OT network of the Taiwanese TSMC chip fabricator in late 2018, it resulted in costs of around $170 million.

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