Keezel 2.0 - VPN router for 2020

Keezel 2.0 - VPN router for 2020

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Award-winning cybersecurity in your pocket - Keezel 2nd generation VPN router offers a few layers of privacy and cybersecurity to keep you safe and private on any WiFi network. Connect your Keezel to a nearby WiFi and protect yourself in public spaces such as restaurants, hotels, airports, co-working spaces, guest WiFi networks and at home.

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Keezel will work with any device connected through WiFi to a protected network. No matter Android phone or iPhone, MacBook or your old desktop PC, tablet or smart TV.

Use Keezel with all your devices at the same time. With Premium services, Keezel is easily capable of HD video streaming. Choose one of the VPN locations(from 15 to 1000) around the world and stay safe with encrypted browsing and geo unlocked video streaming.

Device can become a powerbank and recharge your device using its built-in battery.

The Premium plan gives you access to 1000+ additional VPN servers around the world with up to 3x the standard speed, allowing you to watch up to 3 HD video streams at the same time. Premium services will cost you $60.00 yearly or $399.00 for life long services.

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