Bitdefender BOX2 vs Norton Core vs CUJO AI

We do understand, that sometimes, it's hard to choose a cybersecurity solution, that would fit you and your needs. That's why we prepared a little comparison of three great products from this field. Please, take a closer look to Bitdefender BOX2, Norton Core and Cujo AI smart firewalls.

And here are our competitors:

  • Bitdefender BOX2. A solution that amazed us for quite a bit.
  • Norton Core. A product with the name that speaks for itself.
  • CUJO AI. A cybersecurity solution that introduced an efficient simplicity for the network protection concept.


Bitdefender BOX2 - router and firewall hybrid device

As we have mentioned previously, Bitdefender BOX2 is a great router and firewall hybrid device. It's able to provide secure networking, as well as, respectable WiFi experience, all packed in a beautiful and functional design. It is easy to use and packs some interesting information, like display for time and status.


Norton Core a secure WiFi router

Norton Core is a bit more revolutionary. It has the same conception as  Bitdefender BOX2 but the approach here is somewhat different. It is using devices encloser design to provide WiFi connection with most stability and speed as possible. If you want to upgrade your network's wireless connectivity - this product will do a great job.


CUJO AI a dedicated smart firewall

Because CUJO AI is not a router and just a dedicated firewall for your network, you will be able to use your existing and beloved router without any issues. CUJO AI will provide a massive amount of very efficient security features, no matter what networking gear you are using. One more awesome thing about this product - all competitors here have almost the same price (around $249), but after purchasing CUJO AI you will not need to pay any fees for its maintenance or features. This so-called "$0 subscription service" is an incredible value for money. And let's not forget, that CUJO is the most efficient cybersecurity solution from this bundle, as well. It uses a processor with slower clock speed because this device is just "a reaching hand" for CUJO Cloud Security System to be able to protect you, your family members and all of your devices.

Here you'll find a comprehensive comparison table of Bitdefender BOX2 vs Norton Core vs CUJO AI smart cybersecurity firewalls:

Features Bitdefender BOX2 CUJO AI smart firewall Norton CORE
Deep Packet Inspection yes yes yes
IDS yes yes yes
IPS yes yes yes
Anomaly Detection yes no no
Device Discovery yes yes yes
Firewall yes yes yes
URL Black List yes yes yes
Vulnerability Assessment yes no no
Parental Controls yes yes yes
Anti-Cyberbullying & Anti-Predators soon no no
Local Protection (Mac, iOS, Android, Windows) yes no yes
100% Network Compatibility yes no no
Works as Standalone Secure Router yes no yes
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Features Bitdefender BOX2 CUJO AI smart firewall Norton CORE
Processor 1.2 GHz DualCore 1GHz DualCore 1.7 GHz DualCore
Flash Memory 4GB 4GB 4GB
Ethernet Ports 2 x 1Gbps 2 x 1Gbps 4 x 1Gbps
WiFi 802.11 b,g,n,ac No 802.11 b,g,n,ac
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Pricing Bitdefender BOX2 CUJO AI smart firewall Norton CORE
Device 179.99$ 149.00$ 159.99$
Regular support fee 99.00$ / year 0$ 9.99$ / month
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