PayPal, Amazon and eBay fake support numbers used to scam

Scammers using fake PayPal, Amazon and eBay support numbers to abuse their customers. Cybercriminals are using Google search results to show fake ads and to pretend fake customer support of the e-commerce giants. The scam ads pretending to be tech support hotlines work only on the mobile version of the Google search result page.

Scammers just found a new way to cheat on PayPal, Amazon and eBay customers. They are using Google Search results to push fake ads that pretending to be customer support numbers of the internet giants.

According to the reports, victims of scammers calling to one of these fake numbers, they will be greeted with a scammer who claims to be from one of these three companies.

In the case of PayPal, the call is answered by someone stating "Thank you for calling PayPal support". Cybercriminals telling to victims about problems on their PayPal account and asking for the code of a Google Play card. Scammer assures about reimbursement of money paid for the Google Play directly to a PayPal account.

The scam ads pretending to be customer support works just on mobile devices. The mobile version of Google Search seems like the real one. However, the desktop version of the search result page looks fake. Be accurate and pay your attention where URL links directing you and never send any prepayments details for anyone.

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