Syfer - Unlimited Smart VPN Router and Firewall

Syfer - Unlimited Smart VPN Router and Firewall Smart firewall

Smart firewalls

Syfer VPN router compatibility Syfer support PPPoE/Static IP environments, port-forwarding, domain whitelisting/blacklisting, and more. Syfer is compatible with all smart home devices but may require port forwarding/configuration for use. If your network requires additional features, please email Syfer's Support for more information.

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Why you need Syfer, a smart firewall?

Everyday life now is more "connected" than ever before. You sharing photos, using social media, tracking fitness activities, and etc. You exposing your personal life and sensitive information about yourself and and your family. For parents, that concern is even greater. The growing presence of cyber threats only furthers the need for a solution to protect our privacy, security, and children online.

Simple by Design great by security features

Syfer is designed to bring professional-grade privacy and security protection to every home and small business. Unlimited high speed VPN for your whole network - no need for a separate VPN subscription. Simply connect Syfer between your modem and router - it's that easy! No complicated network configuration necessary. Scan the QR code to pair Syfer with our mobile app to manage settings easily and intuitively from anywhere. Syfer is ready to go in minutes.

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