AVG ultimate antivirus webcam protection

AVG ultimate antivirus webcam protection


Sophisticated Webcam Protection keeps hackers and other cybercriminals away from spying on you with your own device webcam. Ransomware protection adds an additional layer of cybersecurity. PC TuneUp cleans your hard disk from junk files and duplicates. AVG Antivirus updater keeps your software up to date and a defragmenting to speed up access to your data.

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Triple protection

Protects you, your family and friends. Best in class detection technology scans for Mac, PC, and Android-based viruses, malware, ransomware, and spyware. You can feel safe knowing your Mac or PC is protected. Never share viruses again with any of your other devices or with your PC and Android friends.

AVG antivirus is always on

Runs in the background and don't distract you whatever you do. Every file you open, copy, or save is automatically scanned and protected so fast, you’ll never know antivirus is up and running.

AVG antivirus updates automatically

To stay ahead of the growing number of malware, ransomware, and other threats, AVG Antivirus constantly updating and evolving our detection methods. Virus database updates get pushed to you automatically, so your Mac or PC is always up-to-date against any latest threats.

About AVG

AVG declaring online Security for All. AVG is a security pioneer, offering a wide range of protection, performance and privacy solutions for home users and businesses. AVG became a part of the Avast - the world leading digital security products, dedicated to keeping people around the world safe.

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