Firewalla Red - Cybersecurity Firewall

Firewalla Red - Cybersecurity Firewall Smart firewall

Smart firewalls

Firewalla red is an advanced solution, a cybersecurity firewall to safeguard and protect your home network, personal data, control your kids’ internet usage and screen time, block ads, and protecting your sensitive information from any cyber threats when you’re using your device even on the road.

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Firewalla is Simple and Powerful

Firewalla puts cybersecurity to the next usability level with the simplicity of tapping just a few buttons. In the meantime, the administrator can configure the usage of IP addresses, domains, and see data packets appearing on the network. This simple red small box gives you full control of your home or small business network and is packed with features to protect you or your relatives on the internet.

Full Cybersecurity Solution

Are you aware of your baby camera getting hacked and sending sensitive information for cybercriminals? Someone unknown trying to use your smart speakers? Or maybe your phone being used by hackers to mine cryptocurrencies? Firewalla Red - cybersecurity firewall will automatically send you a notification and protect from all kinds of cyber threats, providing enterprise-grade cybersecurity in the digital world.

Privacy Protection with VPN

Nobody can be comfortable sharing private and other sensitive information using public WiFi at the airport, restaurants, hospitals and other public places. To be protected and secure you need Firewalla. Firewalla protects your privacy in coffee shops, bibliothecs, even on the road or any other public Wifi with a built-in VPN server! VPN service is completely FREE. Yes - there's NO monthly fee.

Firewalla is Open and Extensible

Firewalla is an open source product. You will be always aware of how Firewalla using your data. The open platform is expandable. So you can expect more fun and safety features made by the ecosystem of developers in the future. Powered by an intelligent cloud and the highest level of engineering, it protects you in cyberspace.

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