Ransomware MegaCortex infects corporate networks

A new ransomware MegaCortex has been discovered earlier last week. MegaCortex targeted victims are based across the US, Italy, Canada, Netherlands, Ireland, France, and the UK. Most of the victims are corporate computer networks. Cybercriminals exploited automation and a dozen of different tools to spread the ransomware in large numbers.

MegaCortex ransomware has started to appear in January, but recently there has been a significant increase in infections in the last few days. MegaCortex have a few attributes, including its use of a signed executable as part of the payload, and offering cybersecurity consulting services from the ransomware authors. MegaCortex often is popping up on corporate networks which already are infected with other malware: Emotet and Qakbot.

How to secure your self? First of all, you should hire a cybersecurity firm to make your network audit for vulnerabilities. But the quick tip could be to hide your IP address. The best tool to do that is VPN a virtual private network.

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